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Dr. Goodwin's long-term career goal includes becoming an independent research psychologist who examines culturally responsive individual and systemic practices that improve the mental health of Black youth.

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High School Student

Cultural Responsiveness

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Mental Health Implementation

Writing a Diary

Black Teen Mental Health

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Cultural Responsiveness

Cultural responsiveness encompasses the ability to effectively utilize cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills in practice. My research has examined culturally responsive practices and other sociocultural school-based factors that impact mental health and well-being in educational settings.

  • Goodwin, A. K. B. & Long, A. C. J. (2022). The Role of Parents’ Perceptions of Culturally Responsive Teacher Practices on Elementary Children’s Mental Health and Well-Being. Journal of Child and Family Studies. 

  • Goodwin, A. K. B., Roberson, A. J., Watson, A., Chen, G. L., & Long, A. C. J. (2022). The Impact of COVID-19, Mental Health Distress, and School-Based Sociocultural Protective Factors among Elementary-Aged Children and their Caregivers. School Psychology International, 0(0).

  • Goodwin, A. K. B. & Long, A. C. J. (2019, February). Beyond Self-Report: Assessing Cultural Competence from the Perspective of Parents. Paper presentation at the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Convention, Atlanta, GA. 

  • Goodwin, A. K. B. & Long, A. C. J. (2019, February). Towards Culturally Competent Practice in Schools: A Systematic Literature Review. Poster presentation at the NASP Convention, Atlanta, GA.  

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Black Teen Mental Health Help-Seeking

Black youth have eminent mental health needs, including increasing rates of suicide, but are less likely to utilize mental health services due to various individual, systemic, and societal barriers. My research examines  the individual and systemic barriers and facilitators of mental health help-seeking and service utilization for Black adolescents experiencing internalizing symptoms.

  • Goodwin, A. K. B., Chen, G. L., & Long, A. C. J. (2021). Mental health, well‐being, and help‐seeking in schools among black adolescents: The role of discrimination in high‐achieving academic settings. Psychology in the Schools, 58(9), 1690–1707.

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Measure Development and Validation to Enhance Cultural Responsiveness

 Culturally responsive assessment tools and procedures are necessary for enhancing research and practice for minoritized populations, including Black youth and their families. I worked collaboratively with my previous advisor at LSU to develop and validate a parent measure of culturally responsive practices in schools from the parents’ perspectives. Also, I am currently leading measure validation analyses of mental health screeners, mental health help-seeking barriers and facilitator measures with Black youth. 

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Grant Funding

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Loan Repayment Program

Digital Technology to Improve Mental Health Equity for Adolescents with Internalizing Problems

Award Period:
July 2023 to June 2025
APA Division 53 SCCAP
Child Mental Health Action
Innovation Grant

The Role of Digital Technology in the Help-Seeking Process for Black Adolescents

Award Period:
January 2023 to January 2025
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National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Diversity Supplement

iKinnect2.0 for Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth at Risk for Suicide

Award Period:
July 2023 to May 2024
LSU Department of Psychology Graduate Student Strategic Research Grant

Culturally Responsive School Crisis Response and Families' Mental Health During a Global Pandemic

Award Period:
July 2020 to July 2021
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